Hygiene and prevention

Dental health depends on proper care of them. Timely disposal of soft plaque, consisting of microscopic food residues and various kinds of bacteria, helps to prevent the formation of plaque, extremely difficult to get rid of by your own. Professional hygienic cleaning teeth - this is the best solution of the problem. Experts recommend to visit the dentist for dental hygienic cleaning every six months.

What is hygienic cleaning

It`s a complex procedure to remove hardened plaque (periodontal deposits) with the help of special equipment and materials. The doctor hygienist treats his teeth in the area of up to 4 mm below the gumline. If deeper cleaning needed, we provide you help of periodontist.

The procedure goes in two stages:

  • Inspection of the oral cavity to produce the optimal tactics for the removal of tartar
  • Removal of soft plaque, teeth polishing

During operation the doctor cleans not only the plaque, but also pigmentation, which is common for smokers, coffee lovers. Hygienist works with the modern equipment, which performs brushing sound for 40-60 minutes. You can manually cleaning tools for manual scaling of teeth.

Do not forget to visit the dental hygienist every six months, and your teeth will always be in perfect order.