Pediatric dentistry

Working with children, especially in the dental clinic, implies the presence of qualified professionals, who need to understand child psychology, making a visit to the doctor in some interesting game that the child did not experience stress. This approach can help generate the baby`s  positive perception of the dentist, and he will attend without fear of a dental clinic.

Sometimes, in the course of treatment, you may need surgery, our surgeons and dentists are willing to help the child at any time. Usually it is the removal of a baby tooth, which is no longer possible to restore.

Our specialists not only know how to work with the children, they work so professionally that the children themselves realize that regular visits to the dentist - a necessity.

Our advantages:

  • Specialized children's reception
  • Treatment without pain and drill
  • Children's room with an animator
  • Invisible computer local anesthesia
  • Dental treatment during sleep (under general anesthesia)
  • Individual Health Education with the first tooth

It is important to understand if the child since childhood, is not afraid to visit the dentist, so as they grow older he will do it regularly. Only a qualified dentist can make the prevention and treatment of children's teeth painless not causing further fear in the child. Such specialists are working in our clinic.