Treatment of caries

Caries is a time bomb. It can start with a small spot, which eventually threatens to destroy a healthy tooth. This is - a complex and slow-flowing pathological process, which can be stopped at an early stage.

Caries Therapy

If you didn`t came to the dentist, when first of symptoms appear, the initial form of tooth decay can develop into a cavity of varying difficulty. Depending on the stage of the disease it is provided a method of treatment. This may be a conservative therapy without the use of a drill or a dissection treatment of dental hard tissues (drilling).

In our practice, experts use the method of treatment with remineralization of carious cavity with special solutions; filling a new generation of materials with medical pads and without. In the treatment of dental caries of children using fluoridation, temporary fillings drug impregnation sealing of fissures.

For the treatment of caries dentist uses all means to save the tooth and avoid drastic measures, even to save the milk teeth of children.


Clinic specialists provide treatment of all types of caries:

  • Cavities in the initial stage of the formation of stains
  • Prevention and treatment of surface caries
  • Treatment of dental caries in the middle stage in determining the cavity
  • Treatment of deep caries