Treatment channels

Root canal treatment is necessary for the healing of the tooth, which is expected to restore or prosthesis. Each of us are familiar to discomfort from acute dental pain, especially when the infection penetrates through a cavity to the dental nerve and adjacent vessels. Get rid of these unpleasant sensations helps competent gradual cleaning of root canals.

The process of cleaning the root canal is carried out in several stages:

  • Individual selection of anesthetic for a more comfortable treatment
  • Working with the pulp after desensitization
  • Endodontic cleaning mechanically and with medication
  • Filling root canals by a three-dimensional obturation

Usage of modern medical equipment allows to seal the root canal, which prevents re-infection. Dentists advises to make this procedure for a month to restore a tooth or cover its crown.

The effectiveness of diagnosis and treatment in endodontic office of our clinic is caused by the presence of modern equipment and professionalism of our specialists. It is important to remember that a timely appeal to the dentist will help keep your teeth healthy.