First sign of bleeding from your teeth is a signal that it's time to visit the doctor, periodontist.

Periodontal disease - a serious inflammatory disease of the gums (periodontal), which is usually manifested in the spring or fall (and may be at a different time of the year) and is accompanied by not only bleeding, but also a bad smell from the mouth.

The therapy can be performed by one of three methods (conservative, surgical, combined), each of them is appointed by the doctor for each patient individually. Surgery is used only in severe forms of the disease.

Bleeding gums - is the result of the emergence of tartar, which gradually destroys the teeth, causing inflammation in the gums. Therefore, at the first sign of bleeding, contact your dentist immediately. Experts recommend to deal with the prevention of bleeding gums:

  • Visit your dentist at least twice a year
  • Learn how to properly brush your teeth
  • Clean teeth twice a day (after breakfast and before bedtime)
  • After eating, rinse your mouth, eat an apple - that removes soft plaque
  • Use special tools for oral care
  • Leave bad habits like smoking

By following these tips, you will never know what a bleeding gums, but if the problem is still there, visit to our clinic will save you from trouble. Our experts will help deal with the problem of periodontal.