Treatment of hypersensitive teeth

If cold or hot dishes, or food with a high content of acid are irritating to your teeth - that's pathology, called hypersensitive teeth. Sometimes even regular tooth brushing can cause unpleasant pain.

Quite often this type of pathology occurs in a wedge-shaped defect when the dental hard tissues are destroyed at its base. This may occur if the wrong toothbrushing or by chronic overload.

Experts distinguish several main reasons for sensitive teeth:

  • Incorrect or too zealous brushing teeth
  • Periodontal disease (a disease in which laid bare the roots of teeth)
  • Occupational hazards (chemical industry, for example)
  • Too much chewing load

For the treatment of dental hypersensitivity, our experts use drugs that restore the structure, the foundation of which is fluorine. If there is a wedge-shaped defect, in this case a filling cavities formed as tooth decay can progress, leading to the death of nerve, and further - to tooth loss.

In our clinic specialists not only get rid of the discomfort caused by the increased sensitivity of the teeth, but also tell you how to brush your teeth properly and how to choose the individual hygiene.