Professional Laser dental implantology is an advanced method that will help you regain a beautiful smile. This - a new trend of modern implantology, which allows to achieve excellent functional and cosmetic results.

Classical laser implantation is carried out in two stages:

  • Cut the gums, implant placement and suturing the gums
  • Installation of a denture after healing of the implant

Laser implantation can be performed in a state of sleep medication. The operation is carried out for half an hour without the risk of injuries and severe blood loss. The laser, which has antibacterial properties, disinfects the surface of the gums, which ensures its rapid healing without complications and inflammations.

In our clinic we use implants of the Swiss company «Straumann» - the gold standard implants with a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, as well as a more economical option - Mis system, which is made in Israel and has been used for a quarter of century in the world, making for many patients affordable dentures on implants .
To regain a beautiful smile is possible today using the services of implantology in our clinic