Prosthetics (orthopedics)

A wide range of modern dental technology, modern equipment and professionalism of our specialists allow us to ensure qualified and efficient dental prosthetics. We offer our patients two types of constructions: removable and fixed (constant).

The most progressive method is orthopedics prosthesis implant, which allows to recover the lost or damaged, for various reasons, teeth. This method consists in the introduction of the implant into the bone tissue of the jaw, which later set the prosthesis, which term of use sometimes reaches 15 years.

For non-removable prosthesis often applied coating of the tooth crown, if the crown of the tooth is damaged for 70-80%. Large selection of bits makes it possible to choose, depending on the price range, which is important for the elderly. Fixed, they are the same bridges, as well as removable too, are used to replace missing teeth. If jaw has at least two of its teeth, used partially removable dental prosthesis, which is made of plastic and is attached with special hooks.

A wide range of materials for prosthetics and individual approach to each patient to help solve dental problems quickly and efficiently.