Beautiful smile transforms the person, but not everyone can boast of perfect white teeth. Sometimes even regular cleaning and rinsing of the teeth can not get rid of age spots, which are formed on the enamel of the frequent use of coffee, smoking, etc. Modern technologies allow to whiten your teeth with high quality and quite inexpensive.

Laser teeth whitening is performed in our clinic with the help of technology while taking advantage of the latest ZOOM-3 system that can give your teeth naturally white, which will continue for several years (3-5 years). The procedure lasts for one hour in the comfort of our clinic. No pain and no negative consequences for your teeth - all thanks to special additives, mineralizing the tooth enamel, and the minimum thermal effect on her. The modern system of whitening ZOOM-3 allows you to select the desired shade in the process of teeth whitening.

Principle of the technology is applied to the teeth of a special gel to which 45 minutes light affects ZOOM-AP. Today it is the most advanced and safe technology that can offer modern dentistry.

Treat yourself to a beautiful smile, tooth whitening using the service in our clinic!